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AutoMate Label Solutions is proud to offer a full range of printing and labeling automation services. With a wide assortment of label materials in stock, we can help you select the best material, adhesive and coatings for your product. Through our “just in time” (JIT) production model, we are able to meet lead times that are half of the industry standard!

Print Services

  • Flexography/UV Flexography

  • High-speed digital production

  • Combination printing

Press Capabilities

  • Up to 10 colors

  • Up to 17 inch width

  • High quality 4CP printing

  • High-speed, fast-drying

  • UV inks

  • Adhesive printing

  • Custom adhesive coatings and piggyback labels



  • In-line hot stamping and cold foil

  • Embossing

  • Custom die cutting

  • Over-lamination

  • Slitting / Sheeting


Our AutoMate Label Solutions in-house designers have over 20 years’ experience designing a full spectrum of labels to meet a variety of specialized needs. Whether your label needs to meet regulatory requirements, catch a consumer’s eye, or function properly through downstream inventory management systems, our designers can produce a design that does the job effectively. Our artists and designers can create eye-catching promotional labels that will get your product noticed and represent your brand faithfully.

Label Automation Services

AutoMate is not just a label manufacturer. We can provide your operations facilities with the automation to make label application fast and reliable. AutoMate can integrate the printing equipment into your processing line for a full automation solution. Automated labeling can help with product traceability and speed up the movement of product through all stages of processing.

Our Products


AutoMate can provide you with any type of printed material you need. We specialize in labels of all types. The following list shows just a fraction of the types of print material we can produce for you:

  • Hang tag labels

  • Adhesive labels (including specialized adhesive labels for cold temp/high humidity)

  • Printed film/polybags

  • Packaging, including foil wraps, plastic sleeves, and boxes

And of course, materials printed on paper, whether bound reports, flyers, marketing slicks, or brochures.


Let our customer service team assist you in determining what is the best material for your label application. We carry a broad selection of paper and film stock and a wide variety of specialized adhesives.



Choose from a wide variety of paper stocks, colors, finishes and gloss levels.

  • High Gloss

  • Semi Gloss

  • Matte

  • Paper-laminated Foils

  • Direct Thermal

  • Thermal Transfer

  • Fluorescent

  • Laser



For a more durable label, choose from one of the many available film materials.

  • Fasclear (clear)

  • Polyester (white, clear, matte)

  • Polypropylene (white, clear)

  • Static Cling (white, clear)

  • Vinyl (white, clear)

  • Thermal Transfer Films (various)

  • Direct Thermal Film

  • and other specialized film.


Different applications require different adhesives. Choose from one of our standard adhesives or we will be glad to work with you to provide custom adhesives best-suited for your application.

  • Permanent, Removable

  • Repositionable

  • Freezer

  • Piggyback

  • Heavy Coast Weight

  • Custom adhesives are available

AutoMate Label Solutions brings valuable expertise to ensure your labeling meets FDA/USDA compliance standards. Our food and nutritional labels are manufactured to withstand temperature extremes. Designed to meet current FDA regulations for direct and indirect food contact, depending upon the need, they resist fading, bleeding and smudging. Let us put our experience to work for you, to help ensure that your food package labels are compliant and that they perform as you require throughout the supply chain.